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A Perfect Day

November 9, 2017

A perfect day…(what makes a day perfect day for me)
The things I do to make my day perfect. I start my perfect day waking up next to my beautiful wife of 9 years.  I get up and make breakfast for both of us. I bring the breakfast to her while she is still in bed. We eat together. Once we are done eating, I put the dishes in the sink. If my wife is still in bed, I give her a kiss and let her know I’m going to play video games for a few hours. I tell her I love her and give her a great big hug!!

I head to my virtual world of Halo, Madden and Tekken 7. I play a variety of games but one of my favorites is Halo. So I jump into Team matching making and get in to my grove. Which may take about 1 or 2 rounds, then I am rolling! After 5 or 6 rounds, which takes about 45 minutes to an hour. I am done with Halo and now on to play Madden.. Gotta keep my skills tight for match ups with my gamer friends. I play 1 or 2 games on Madden, depends on if I win the first game. So since this is my perfect day, I WIN!!! Next, I play Tekken for a few rounds there. Then is on to play Mad Max or Ghost Recon: Wildlands to finish collecting achievements to have 100% completion on those games. So I have been playing video games for about 3 hours now, mission completed.

Next in my perfect day, I am off to workout. Which means lift weights, run, ride my bike or swim. I kiss my wife and let her continue her perfect day as well which consists of lifting weights, tanning and playing cards with Mom. I head to my training facility D1 Green Bay to power thru our Bootcamp class. I hit the noon Bootcamp usually to get my heart rate up and sweat a lot. After I break it down with the character word of the month, I down my protein shake and my natural Tart cherry juice – no added sugar but 12 grams of protein added. Workout completed!!

I get home about 2pm. I shower, dress and grab a something eat for a late lunch. My wife should be wrapping up her lift as well. She already tanned and looking crispy by the way! Once she comes into the house, we talk about what we are going to do for dinner. Since I made breakfast my wife cooks dinner. One of my favorites, mostaccioli! YUM!!! Dirt cake for dessert!!! YUMMY!!! (only eat once a year so don’t judge me!) Dinner & dessert completed!!! After a great dinner we go to the local drive-in theater that has double feature playing. They show a kids movie & then a PG-13 or above movie… “Never Ending Story” & the new Stand alone “BATMAN” movie with Ben Affleck as BATMAN/Bruce Wayne, of course. (Remember it is my perfect day ;-)!)

Once the movie is over, we drive home and finish the evening off in each other’s arms!! GOODNIGHT!!!

Perfect Day achievement completed – PRICELESS!
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