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Go big or go home

We started by creating a phenomenally durable umbrella with hopes to ship it directly to those who love their outdoor space and love to entertain. Now, we’re ready to make your home as pleasant as can be…


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A young dynamic team

Other than our seasoned veteran designer and our puppy, we’re all in our mid to late twenties and spend our waking hours developing umbrellas and patio accessories that our customers want and need. Why umbrellas? Because somebody had to do it…and we love spending time at home in our yards.

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Service like no other

Whether it’s our award-winning customer service team helping you online or on the phone, helping pick the product or answering any question you may have, we want you to bask in the sun, actually, in the shade. We’re making a boring industry, less boring. We want the world to love patio umbrellas as much as we do. In addition to designing amazing umbrellas and patio accessories, we are partnering with some dynamic designers and engineers to add some much-needed tech to a tech-less industry. Maybe your virtual assistant will soon know when to tilt and rotate. Stay tuned!

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The sun of a preacher man

We care, we really do. There are benefits and risks of sun exposure. A small amount of UV rays is good but too much isn’t. A patio umbrella can prevent the harmful effects of sun exposure. We care about our communities, so we donate a portion of our profit to help fund programs and research that save lives.

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